Tefety is an unconventional multivitamin brand that is trying to change the present of our country to provide better health mentally and physically. With long research and hard work, Tefety has found a tasty solution for the deficiency of iron, in an orange-flavored teddy bear-shaped gummy. These gummies are easy on the eyes with a burst of flavors and are 100% vegetarian, gluten and gelatin free, preservatives free and way to consume. Iron being one of the most vital nutrients required by the human body for growth and development and to build hemoglobin, Tefety has induced its gummies with Vitamin B6, Vitamin 12 and L-Mehtyl Folate. We swear by using high-quality raw material and maintaining proper sanitization when the gummies are prepared at the GMP facilities. These gummies have the power of vitamins and helps in maintaining a balanced system of the body. Iron is an essential nutrient involved in many biological functions & promotes normal red blood cell production.

Tefety Probiotic Gummies 5 Billion CFU's -

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