• Calcium -Calcium is vital for healthy bones, and it is also necessary to maintain bone density and strength as the body grows. This antioxidant is abundantly found in dark leafy greens and related supplements, which help improve mobility and muscle mass.
  • Bone Health Benefits- We all know how important Calcium is to maintaining healthy and strong bones. You may be surprised to learn that Vitamin D regulates calcium in the body and that Magnesium activates vitamin D! Combined, you have three essential nutrients working for you.
  • Purposeful Ingredients - We believe in using high-quality ingredients. Formula contains only naturally sourced flavors and colors. It’s gelatin free and gluten free.                                     Tefety is a homegrown health and wellness brand that cares for your total well-being. Tefety’s blend of the highest quality. Tefety maintains a strict approach to quality raw material selection. Our gummies are Non-GMO and Gelatine Free. Smooth Texture and clear shape. available in Attractive shape and with all-natural colours. Our Calcium gummies low in sugar, high in fibre and contains a good amount of calcium. Indulge in a delicious calcium treat. A fusion of essential nutrients and natural fruit and flavors, two vitafusion Calcium gummies provide an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium for bones and joints. All in one gummies that support the benefit of a multivitamin. Probiotic gummies support in Increasing good bacteria in your body to fight off illness, healthy microbes help us in keeping our stomach healthy and immunity high, therefore our Lychee flavored premium quality Probiotic gummies are developed with the most useful microorganisms, Bacillus Coagulase 5 billion CFUs. It helps to improve conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel problems. the probiotic supplements help in relieving gastric issues, and other discomforts related to digestion. Boosts your immunity helps in preventing respiratory problems, improves the immune system. These are probiotic gummies for adults – men & women alike.

Tefety Calcium & Probiotic Gummies Combo

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